Real Life Ghost Dance

by bhavabhAva

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released April 16, 2013



all rights reserved


bhavabhAva Earth, Texas

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Track Name: Winter Solstice Year of Dragon
It's the end of the world and I wish you were here
It's the end of the world and I wish you were here
It's the end of the world and we're drunk singing songs
I wish you were here singing the tunes with us
it's the end of the world and I wish you were here
It's the end of the world and I wish you were here
Track Name: $$$problemZ
I fucking hate things the way they are
I'm going to see them change
Your systems
are crumbling
I'm going to watch them die out

Money, Money,
fuck your stupid money
I'm not a slave to you
I've got an agenda
I've gotta to do it
Track Name: Wonderful Crazy Great
where he says for example,
“Be not anxious for the morrow.
Do not worry about what you shall eat, what you shall drink and what you shall wear.
God will take care of you!
Doesn't he take care of the birds?
Don’t the flowers grow?
And they’re wonderful, they’re crazy, they’re great!
What are you worrying about?
I've never heard a sermon preached on that…never.
Because it’s totally subversive
the economy would crash!
So they say,
“That’s all very well, but that was the boss’s son!”
See he had that colossal advantage…
Take up your crosses!
Hey but wait a minute
I don't know I'm going to be resurrected three days later!
I can't perform miracles!
He had an unfair advantage.
So how can you ask us to follow the example of Christ.
But supposing he DIDN'T have an unfair advantage.
Supposing that what was true about Jesus as a son of god is true of us.
Only a few of us know it
and we're pretty careful to be quiet about it
Less the same thing happens to jesus happens to us
and it often does.

Track Name: Night Elf
I had a dream that I was banging on a tom drum
you were standing right besides me
all smiles you were dancing
your lingerie body
that crazed look in your eyes
brought that beat to my brain
and it made me want to kiss you

I had a dream about the end of the world
you were there and we were drinking
then a plane crashed down the street
when I awoke I could taste the meth on my teeth
I could taste your breath in the back of my throat

As we lay on couches and futons and floors
your body on my body
separation none
I can hear your heavy breathing
your skin looking soft
then my heart pops out my chest
and my liver explodes

Track Name: L.O.A.
The things, the ideas, the beliefs, the concepts, the experiences, the opportunities, whatever you wish to call them, that are vibrating in alignment with your true core self are already doing their utmost to be attracted to you.

The ideas, the synchronisities, the beliefs, the vibrations, the opportunities, the situations, the circumstances, that are not aligned with that core, radiant, signature frequency, that is your true self, are doing their utmost to get away from you.

The only reason the things that are attempting to get to you, don't get to you, is that your keeping them away.

The only reason the things that your attempting to get away from, don't get away from you, is that you're holding on to them and not letting them go.

I live where there’s no tv, there’s no radio, there’s no clocks, there’s no electric lights. The girls carry water, they don’t wear makeup. They have their babies by themselves. They go in the shack and squat down and have their babies. I live on the ground;I live on the Earth.
I don’t live. I lived in Hollywood. And I had all that. The Rolls-Royce and Ferrari and the pad in Beverly Hills. I had the surfboard and The Beach Boys and ? and Neil Diamond and Rob Scott and Jimmy Griffen, Elvis Presley and Wesley Bestleys and all them guys. The Dean Martin’s and the Nancy Sinatra’s and all the ?
“Will you do it to me? I hear you’ll do it good and all that kind when you come up to my house later?”

So and I went through all that and seen that was a bigger prison then the one I just got out of. And I really didn’t care to go back to prison. Prison doesn’t begin and end at the gate. Prison’s in your mind. It’s locked in one world that’s dead and dying, or it’s open to a world that’s free and alive.

Drugs, LSD. I don’t consider it a drug. I don’t consider peyote a drug. Those are more or less religiously significant: awareness, mind expanding apparatuses that come from the intelligence of the universe.

The reason that the girls liked me was “Hey now! Hey now! I’m all around you! Round you. Hey now up on your heart I can sing through you.” And I played and I sing and they say, “Hey man, you, you got soul you got soul in that music! And I said, “Yeah, I play a little bit. I like music.” And they said, “Man, You’re really somebody!” And I said, “Oh I am? I just got out of jail. I don’t know what somebody is.”

They liked my music. They say, “Man, we want to get you over.” I said, “Get me over for what?” We’ll take you down here to Beverly Hills and we want to get you in cause you’re a star.I said, “I’m a what?” They said, “You’re a star!” So they took me to The Beach Boys and I went and I got on a surfboard are rode around and I looked. Jeez, Willy Jean, this is more trouble then what I just got out of.

Now look at yourself. You got be aware of that. Whether you like it or not, you got to do things. You gotta get up and go through all kinds of changes. Whether you want to or not doesn't matter. Your whole life is put in your paycheck. You couldn't pay me all the money in the world to do something I don’t want to do.